• Fallen Freedom. This was inspired by the carnage that comes with freedom, There are 3385 green Army soldiers that are incorporated into this piece. With 2 coats of heavy Epoxy. This is piece is Very heavy. 48X 60 Acrylic Epoxy GlazedĀ  (Mixed Media)
  • Freedom Carnage Another piece that incorporates those little green Army men. LOTS of texture 36X48 Acrylic Resin finish ( Mixed Media green Army Men)
  • Liberty > Money We have liberty that cost So much Money, and Liberty is draped in Money 12X36 Acrylic Resin finish
  • Lost Lady of Enlightenment THIS is the state of society right now IF Lady Liberty could speak, yet she does not need to with this image. 48X48 Acrylic Resin finish
  • Shine On Lady Liberty with bright bold colors and standing Fierce. AKA : Liberty Pride 48X60. Acrylic Resin finish
  • Stand For It An abstract version of the Beautiful Flag.   36X48 Acrylic Resin finish Framed
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